kiltum (kiltum) wrote,

По скайповскому чату прилетело. Интересно, спам или нет ...

How do you do? My name is Jay XXXX from Singapore...Sorry for this unusual approach. I came upon your profile while searching SKYPE for individuals who might be on a lookout for business opportunities.

I think SKYPE is a fantastic platform to widen our biz circle & get to know more friends.

I'm launching a new biz into Russia. It involves nanotechnology & a new patented laser technology, that will revolutionize the health and wellness industry.

Right now, I’m putting together a team of entrepreneurs, especially Russians, to spearhead this project. I’m really looking for some good people to work with. If your options are currently opened to explore a biz and interested to find out more, do reply me and I will be glad to share with you more information. You can also contact me via my mobile xxxxxxxx.

If not, it's okay. If you happen to know any Russians, based in Moscow, who is entrepreneurial and may be the right person for me to talk to, I will greatly appreciate it if you could refer him/her to me.

Thank you and sorry if I have offended you in anyway.


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