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Ситуация: дан сервер, в нем понапихано много сигейтовских дисков. И внезапно обнаружилось, что на каждую операцию чтения сигейтовский диск добавляет +1 к ECC Error Count. Зафайлили, то да сё ... Получили ответ

After working with the FW team at Seagate, The drive logs have been checked for both the 6TB and 2TB with no issues. Please see below the outcome after analysing the logs:

FW behavior is as expected. This is a case of a customer misunderstanding of what "Error Corrected Without Substantial Delay" means. Seagate recommendation is not to be concerned about this as they are on-the-fly corrections using ECC. Other drive manufacturers (Toshiba and Hitachi) may have different criteria of the counter increment or they hide it, while Seagate tries to be transparent. However, for Seagate, this counter has not changed for many generations and there is no plan to change it.

Причем там ведут себя _только_ _SAS3_ диски от _сигейта_. SAS2, WD, Hitachi - всеок.

Ну чего, как меня любит сигейт, так и я его буду любить. Мы конечно, не кровавый интерпрайз, но покупаем диски пачками ...

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