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(с ностальгией гляжу на перевод диплома)

By decision of the State Examination Board
of 19 May 1998


has been certified as an Electrical Engineer

on the speciality of “Robots and Robot Engineering Systems”

In 1993 he entered the Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute
In 1998 he graduated from the Irkutsk State Technical University

Normative period of full-time course: 4 years 10 months

Speciality: 2103 – Robots and Robots Engineering Systems
Specialization is not provided.

Course papers:
Computer scienceexcellent
Accuracy standardization excellent
Special course of physics excellent
Mechanics of automated systems excellent
Engineering graphics and fundamentals of designing excellent
Science of materials excellent
Course papers (continued):
Theory of mechanisms and machines excellent
Technological processes of machine building excellent
Course projects:
Parts of machines and fundamentals of designing excellent
Mechanics of manipulating systems excellent
Control in robot engineering systems excellent

Completion and defense of the final qualification work on the subject:
“Computer-aided designing of high-pressure hydraulic systems”, excellent

Ужас. А по моему виду не скажешь, что я так учился ...

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