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Гы. Крутой товарищ коротко расчехвостил обе камеры

I was discussing my friend's new camera purchase and we were presented with an interesting dilemma:

Now that the hacked firmware for the 300D is out and has gone through several generations, which camera would you choose, assuming that you have no reservations about using this firmware?
We came up with the following list of pros and cons:

Reasons for 300D over D70:
*More expensive
*D70’s RAW mode is not completely lossless

*300D has iso100 (versus the D70’s minimum of iso200), so noise levels can be made far lower
*Much lower noise levels at iso100,200,400
*300D currently has better software support
*D70 has visible moiré and “maze” artifacts with fine textures
*D70 has uneven color casts at high shutter speeds (1/2000s+)
*D70 has significant vignetting when shot wide open with suggested lens

*300D can come with kit lens, which does not exhibit the vignetting of the one suggested for the D70

*300D has a slightly better horizontal extinction resolution (1900 vs 1850 lp, negligible)

*Upgrade path: larger selection of Canon lenses on the market and Canon is the only DSLR company which has full control over manufacturing its own sensors
*Lower power requirements due to the CMOS sensor
*Smaller and lighter camera

Reasons for D70 over 300D:

*More features straight out of the box, assuming the new firmware has not been installed on 300D
*Faster frame rate (2.9fps vs 2.5fps)

*Smarter image buffering if shooting in JPEG mode, although identical buffer capacity for RAW mode
*Slightly lower noise levels at iso800,1600
*Support for 1/8000s shutter speed (versus 1/4000s for 300D)
*Faster compactflash write speeds
*Faster startup speed
*Sturdier feel to camera build

Which would you choose, if you could do it again (and would use the firmware hack)? Are there any points which we've left out in the above list?
I'd personally lean towards the 300D...

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